Drake Energy & Maritime Consulting provides strategic advisory and consultancy services to clients in the energy, infrastructure and maritime sectors. 

Drawing from extensive industry experience working in executive and advisory roles across these sectors, our team of specialist consultants offers organisations pragmatic and customised advice that is specific to the energy, infrastructure and maritime sectors’ distinct issues and individual challenges. We also provide a unique cross-sector service to clients with integrated energy and maritime requirements by leveraging our deep knowledge and understanding of the energy and maritime sectors’ value chains.

Our dedicated energy, infrastructure and maritime consultants are located in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. We also have a long-standing relationship with a network of trusted Associate Consultants across Australia and internationally, delivering a range of specialist skills to address our clients’ specific requirements.

This comprehensive offering of professional expertise enables Drake Energy & Maritime Consulting to develop strategic, industry-informed strategies and solutions to assist our clients in managing and improving their operations in the energy, infrastructure and maritime sectors. In addition to our core specialisations of energy, infrastructure and maritime, our team members have a proven track record with resources clients.

Drake Energy & Maritime Consulting has been supporting Allgas Energy on our decarbonisation strategy. We have appreciated their ability to complete studies in a timely and flexible manner. We enjoy working with such a committed team that can bring together a diverse range of specialist skills that address our project needs.

Matt Newton

Allgas Energy

Oil gas processing plant

Our energy areas of expertise include the upstream gas, power generation, gas pipeline and renewable industries.

Maritime Services Australia

Our maritime sector experience is focused on offshore petroleum, shipping and ports.

Infrastructure Services

Our infrastructure areas of expertise include the gas transmission, gas distribution, electricity transmission and water industries.

Drake Energy and Maritime Consulting